what makes GSA SER stand out?

So what makes GSA SER stand out?

The first thing is that it only costs a one time fee of 99$. That is less than a single month of SENuke. And you get it for life, updates and all. Even if you get GSA SEO Indexer and GSA Captcha breaker, it’s still less than 2 months of SEnuke and less than 4 months of Magic Submitter.

The other thing it does to set it apart from its competition is the fact that it finds linking opportunities for you based on your keywords.

Most other programs use static site lists and because many users end up abusing of those lists, obvious linking patterns emerge to make things look unnatural.

Since no GSA user will ever upload the exact same list of keywords into their projects, there will never be an obvious footprint and it keeps your sites safe.

What’s also cool is that it collects the sites it has posted your links to and builds lists automatically. That means that you can tap into a ginormous list of linking opportunities whenever you want with your later projects.

Another thing that GSA does better that its competition is the actual posting of the links. The quality of the coding that runs the software is second to none and allows it to have a much higher success rate than any other software solution.

I almost feel bad for the developers

Updates come at a ridiculous rate (and I mean that in a good way). It’s no joke when I say that there is a new update almost each and every day of the week that generally makes the software run more efficiently or add more platforms for additional linking opportunities.

And there’s no manual updating either. All you have to do is click the green button at the bottom and the software does the rest.

The support is also outstanding. You often get a reply to your inquiry on the very same day and somtimes, Sven (the lead programmer) takes a look at your projects to find out what’s wrong.

It’s not all perfect though

There are a few issues with the program though that you’ll want to keep in mind.


The first thing that is a bit of an issue is the fact that it takes up a lot of bandwidth. This is an issue for those who don’t have unlimited internet access and its therefore a good idea to monitor the situation to avoid paying for extra internet usage. This isn’t a problem if you’re using a VPS though.

It’s terrible at web 2.0s, but…

Also, for some reason it is pretty bad at posting to web 2.0 sites (the free mini-blog type) like wordpress, livejournal, etc. However, there is a service called SERengines that develop what they call “premium Search Engine Ranker engines”. I don’t know a thing about the technical stuff behind it but they essentially let you post to a bunch of web 2.0 sites with a very high success rate. This is great (especially for building tiered links) but a membership costs 15$ a month.


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