Do You really need to Rank Your website in Google?

First of all You need a Good SEO knowledge for knowing what exactly are You doing and avoiding to get negative results or even penalty. It includes, but not limited to proper anchors distribution, source diversity, source quality, filtering targets, branding and much more like sating in touch by the last case studies, algo updates and self experience.

Next after purchasing SER is to rent a high quality VPS in order to run Your projects permanently 24/7. Of course You may run the campaigns on Your Home desktop or notebook, but it means to keep it switched on all the time and to be ready to lower extremely the speed and quality of Your usual activities. At this point You already have to be ready to spend $35-$55 Monthly for a good VPS with SEO Tools allowed

Of course You need good dedicated proxies in order to keep SER tasks working. Instead the IP will be blocked by the Search Engines and Sources very soon and will be impossible to search targets and submit back links. You may try to use public proxies (option available in Search Engine Ranker), but they become banned very soon as well. So depending by Your projects count, You need at least 10-20 dedicated proxies to keep working. It will cost You $35 – $50 Monthly depending by the provider choose. We recommend Buy proxies as they have good quality dedicated proxies and fast support. Here we must take care of another point – even dedicated proxies become dead sometimes and need action by Your side to get replaced by Your provider with new ones. So keep an eye on Your projects all the time!

Of course for getting the high quality links maden You need captcha solve service and/or tool. You may choose between CaptchaBraker (highly recommended) and CaptchaSniper as Your capthca solution tool, but the main difficulty comes with recaptchas which are practicaly unsolvable with tools and You have to include a subscribtion to a 3d party service. Here You may take a look to Spamvilla (40%-50% success rate, too many issues in the past, $30 – $150 monthly), (40%-50% success rate, $ 0.50 per 1000 captchas) or DeathByCaptcha (recommended: 95.5% success rate, $1.39 – $2 per 1000). As well You`ll need a service for the Text Captchas – the only service for doing that is AskMeBot – $10 monthly for single IP or $15 monthly for up to 5 different IPs

After that You need to signup for a 3d party Index service in order to not loose all the work done like a dust the wind. There many Index services already, but we have found that the Best results are achieved when we combine 2 services same time – Indexification and TheIncredibleIndexer. Both are using different methods and it`s working just fine for the links. Both have a price of $17+ $25 = $42 Monthly

Even at that point we can assume that using GSA Search Engine Ranker for HIGH QUALITY campaigns will cost us at least $280 for only MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Last but not least You really need to maintain your projects with everyday backups – You may use all the data if the VPS crashes or have another issue – the main problem is that even if You rebuild the campaign from scratch, running it means that You`ll rather submit links to the same targets again (which will be counted as a spam).

In conclusion: If You have no SEO experience or If You have only few projects: 1-5-8 or If You want to safe Your time for more important things to do it will definitely worst for You to use our complex Services : Give us Your page and keywords .


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